Using a model is an incredibly engaging and visually exciting way to display your product. Carefully selected models will show the fit and style of your product whilst projecting the image of your brand.


We work closely with our clients to select the models, advising on how different looks will impact the product, as well as discussing the style of photography, from lighting through to props and background. Each element is essential to the visual imagery of your brand, how the product will be perceived and sold, and how your customers will engage with the product. 


Were experts in all disciplines of still life e-commerce photography, and shooting with models is no exception. Our experience in fashion e-commerce photography means we can advise and execute photo shoots with ease and expertise which will keep things simple and ensure the product stands out.

Our passion is to create visually engaging high end e-commerce photography, establishing long term creative relationships with our clients to produce imagery which reflects the care and effort which goes into their product.